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We know that it is not always easy to assess a land if we cannot well imagine how it could be rightly exploited. Therefore, we have prepared for you a 3D visualization of the land that has been approved for construction by the municipality of Bernolákovo. It represents our proposal of converting the Bernolákovo land into a modern and luxurious centre.

Sections of the land

Apartment section

The apartment section serves for accommodation of the major part of inhabitants of our new centre. It consists of 4 types of apartment houses so that everybody can find what they like.

  • V.I.P. apartments with a rooftop: the most luxurious apartments where the residents may choose accommodation in one of two apartments that are situated on the top of the building with the best views.
  • Golden flats: for demanding clients and family life.
  • Modern apartments: modern and undemanding at the same time.
  • Double family flathouse: exclusively for family with children. Only a few close neighbours.

House section

House section with 120 houses. It consists of 3 types of houses so that everybody can find what they like.

  • V.I.P. houses with swimming pools: the most luxurious houses with the greatest surface area, including a swimming pool and a lucrative position close to the golf course.
  • “Medium” type houses: classical luxury for more demanding families.
  • Bungalow: affordable and cosy, at the most accessible cost.

Business centre

Business section which contains one of the most modern centres in Slovakia. It also contains an underground garage offering parking spaces for visitors.

School and sports centre

The centre will also contain a school so that children can receive the best possible education in close proximity. In addition to the school, there will be a tennis court, running tracks, basketball court, and other excellent facilities for the correct physical development of children and other inhabitants of the modern luxurious district.